Sunday, July 18, 2010

Genesis 38:1-23 (Joseph becomes an Egyptian)

Okay, back on track with the Joseph story. Remember, the last time we saw him was when he was being carted away to Egypt, sold into slavery.

So Joseph was good at overseeing things, because that's apparently all his father let him do, so he found favour quickly with his new master, Potiphar. Potiphar put Joseph in charge of his household, which means he oversaw everything the guy owned. Which I assume means all the other slaves.

The author wants us to know that Potiphar so trusted Joseph that he didn't mind anything except what he ate. Okay.

So Joseph was a fine fellow, and soon enough Potiphar's wife decided to have sex with him. He was a slave, right? She owned him too.

But Joseph wasn't cool with it, because his master had not made it clear to him to take care of ALL the household duties, so he kept his distance.

But one day no one was around and she cornered him. She grabbed his cloak and tried to entice him, but he just took his cloak off and 'ran out of the house.'

So forensics being in the state it was, Joseph got screwed (not literally) again. Potiphar's wife used his cloak as evidence that he'd attempted to rape her. Potiphar believed her.

So Joseph got sent to prison, but unlike accused rapists of today, he had no hope of parole.

While he was in prison, the warden noticed that he was good at overseeing, so he put Joseph in charge of the prison. Wah? Yeah, Egypt was wanting for middle managment at that time.

The author attributes this 'good luck' to the lord, and how the lord mercifully gave Joseph success in all he did. Except. . .fleeing his murderous brothers and accusatory mistress. Otherwise. . . everything was gravy.

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