Tuesday, February 13, 2007


My partner in crime, Millicent (who is also hot to trot in the sheets and on top of them) asked me if I wanted to read the bible with her. I said "What the hell are you injecting now?" but after she explained the premise of this Searching for Meaning exercise I am happy to oblige. She doesn't use drugs nor inject things by the way. I just like saying that. Well, I've never really said that until now but it sounds okay so I may start saying "what the hell are you injecting now?" when someone asks me a question that is totally outside of any tracking device in my brain.

Anyway, we're going to read the fucking bible, give it a chance, and see what happens. We're atheists, but we will read this bible (why are they all made out of such very thin paper?) very carefully and do our best to present our take on what we've learned, laughed at, pondered over eating fresh croissants with creamy butter and delightful coffee during the usual church hour(s) in the south, or cast off as downright preposterous for crying out loud.

Millicent is the brains of this outfit. I just dig her ass.

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