Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Delighted to Meet You

So, I live in the South of the US of A. I moved here when I was young, from somewhere decidedly unlike the South of the US of A. I was raised as a Protestant Christian, usually in the Presbyterian faith, and like many others (you know who you are) liked to have my Minister/Pastor read the Bible FOR me and then tell me what it means to me. Somewhere in my muddled adolescence I decided that I didn't like feeling like all my friends were going to spend an eternity burning and being poked by various nasty daemons. Even IF some of them seemed like they'd enjoy getting poked in such a manner. . .
I'm an atheist now, with sort of Buddhist leanings--which is, let's face it, just a flavour of atheism, just as Christianity is the atheism of every OTHER major religion (and it doesn't even KNOW about the minor ones.)
The Bible still intrigues me. Maybe because I'm certain that whatever Pastor/Minister I had put their own spin on the scripture when it was regurgitated to me on Sunday morning. Maybe because so many people feel like it's the rock upon which they stand--that a BOOK could also be a ROCK has always fascinated me. Kinda like a door being ajar.
My partner and I have decided that there may be good in the book, and there may be bad. But that we should formulate our opinions according to what WE see there, and not what anyone tells us we SHOULD see there. So we are going to start at the beginning (Genesis) and read until we get to the end--of the Bible or our wits, we aren't sure. But our minds will be open. And if the proof is in the pudding, then let this be a testament to the way god can change a couple of atheists by his word alone. If not, we'll have a grand and interesting time finding out what's actually IN this ancient tome.

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