Saturday, November 3, 2012

Exodus 3 v.1-22 (God says Hi)

So Moses settled down to tend his father-in-law's flock. Of something. I'm going to imagine geese.

He led this flock around all day, with maybe a big stick or a dog or something, and one day he came to the mountain of god. I'm not sure he knew it was the mountain of god, or if this was something that everyone knew about this mountain, or if there was perhaps a sign. But while he was there, guess what? That's right, god appeared. On the mountain of god. What a coincidence.

This is how god did it: he set fire to a bush. Moses was staring at this bush on fire, and because the bush didn't seem to be harmed by the flames, he decided to take a closer look.

This is when god yells 'Surprise!' out of the bush. Well, really it was 'Moses!' to which Moses replied, 'Yeah?'

God tells Moses to take his sandals off when he's walking on his mountain. Then begins the speech.

Moses, I am the god of your father and Abraham and blah blah blah, and I have heard the suffering of your people in Egypt.

Really? Just now?

Yes, and I am here to save them. I mean, you are. You are here to save them. With me. You will lead them up from Egypt into a better land. A really great land. Where a number of other nations are living at the moment. Six other nations of people.

Why me? Is this 'cause I killed that guy?

Because I say so! When you lead them all out, bring them here.

When I tell them the god of our fathers has sent me, what name will I tell them?

I am who I am.

So I tell them, I am sent me? This works?

Yes, get all the elders together and tell them I'm sending you to that rich land where millions of people already live. In order for the king of Egypt to let you all go, I'll perform wonders with my mighty hand. Also I'll make the Egyptians give you money and things, and that way you can plunder them. Right?


So I don't know what moral I can really glean from this except, suffer for a really long time and god will send someone to you that doesn't really want to go to bring you into a land that is already filled with people. Sounds about right.

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