Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Genesis 45: 1-28 (Who was that eye-linered man?)

Joseph reached a point where he couldn't continue the ruse anymore. He sent everyone but his brothers out andn then told them all that he was their Joseph, whom they sold into slavery as a joke all those years ago.

Apparently he wept so loudly people could hear him down the street.

His brothers were terrified. Not relieved. I don't think the weeping helped.

He brought them all close to him, and told them not to be afraid because it was all for the best that he was sold into slavery, that god let his brothers sell Joseph so that he could help Egypt during the famine. The famine only the Pharoah's dream prophesied. So god was also sending dreams to people who didn't believe in him. Which confuses me, but whatever.

Joseph told his brothers to hurry back to Israel, their father, and tell him to relocate nearer Egypt, in a place called Goshen. Bring the whole family, and I will be able to provide for you, since I'm sort of the head honcho down here now.

They all sat and talked and hugged each other and wept. The end. Wait.

The Pharoah heard that Joseph's brothers were all there, so he sent word that he would give them the best lands in Egypt to live on, so they could 'enjoy the fat of the land.' Which was currently in famine.

The brothers took many gifts (livestock and new clothes) back with them to their home and told their father that his son Joseph was really alive and that he was living in Egypt.

Really? So why did you say you watched his entrails eaten by a bear?

Oh that?. . . uuuuhhhh. . . . well... anyway! Joseph wants to see you right away! He's like the ruler down there now!

Israel (also referred to in the same paragraph as Jacob) agreed to go and see his long-lost, bear-eaten son who made a name for himself wearing skirts and make-up in the land of the Nile.

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