Sunday, March 8, 2009

Genesis Chapter 29 v. 1-35

Jacob got to Paddan Aram and there was a well with a huge stone over it, and the shepherds were gathering their flocks around it to water them.

Jacob asked the shepherds if they knew Laban and they said, oh yeah. Here comes his daughter Rachel with his herds.

Jacob looked and saw a lovely shepherdess, and he rolled the stone off the well just for her. Then he introduced himself, and for some reason began to cry. She was a sight for sore eyes! His cousin!

Jacob stayed at Laban's place. After he was there a while, helping with the flocks, Laban asked him if he'd like to be paid for his work. Jacob told him that he wanted to marry Rachel and Laban said, okay, well, you'll have to work for seven years for that. Sounds like Laban was trying to deter Jacob a little, huh? Jacob worked for seven years.

At the end of seven years they had a wedding feast and got really really really drunk. I mean blotto. Went to the wedding suite and got it on big time! Woo!

When Jacob woke up and rolled over to stare into his bride's eyes, who the hell was THAT?!?!? It was Leah, Rachel's older, homelier sister. WTF?!?

Yeah, Laban pulled a fast one. Those deceit genes were strong in that screwed up family.

Jacob went to Laban and asked him for Rachel, but Laban told him, oh you know we don't give the younger girl in marriage before the older one, I thought you understood all that. But you can have Rachel now if you work seven more years.

So Jacob got two wives, and he was only into one of them. Also, he worked for seven more years.

God noticed that Jacob married this girl Leah and didn't give a toss about her. So he deliberately fucked with the situation by making Leah fertile and Rachel barren. So Leah had four sons by Jacob, Reuben, Simeon, Levi and Judah.

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