Sunday, September 21, 2008

Genesis Chapter 23 v.1-20

This chapter is only about burying Sarah.

Sarah died at a hundred and twenty-seven. I'm guessing Isaac, her son, was about twenty-seven. Abraham mourned and then asked the Hittites, in whose land he was living, (secretly promised to him by god, but don't tell them! tee hee!) to buy some land or a cave or something, so he could bury his wife.

The Hittites told him to just pick wherever, that he was "a mighty prince" to them. Just pick the best tomb you can find, no one will tell you no.

Which is nice of them. Considering.

Abraham wanted to buy the cave that belonged to Ephron the Hittite, the one at the end of his field. Full price.

Ephron told him he could have it. AND the field.

Abraham said, let me at least buy the field from you. To bury my dead.

Ephron said, well, it's worth 400 shekels, but don't worry about it.

Abraham paid him the money--in front of all the witnesses--and the land was deeded to him. And he buried his wife there, and the land was his, paid for by him, in the land of Canaan, deeded to Abraham by the Hittites.

That's how it reads. The way it sounds, it's as if the author is telling his side of a disputed story. Like the Hittites said, you just came and took some land! And buried someone in one of our caves! Without even asking! And the author makes sure, no I'm going to put it in my book the way it REALLY happened, you guys ALL know Abraham asked for the cave! And that he even paid for it! Stop lying!

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